GET /customers/:id/attributes

Returns a map with custom attributes assigned to the specified customer.

The provided id can be either:

uri = URI.parse("") http =, uri.port) http.use_ssl = true

request = request['Content-Type'] = 'application/json' request['Authorization'] = 'Bearer 4a415cc660e67d8f4d26d5a7f390183a86fc3a4524ded78dc2448e86c48b2739'

response = http.request(request)

IcApiFacade apiFacade = new IcApiFacade("56a73507b66cd761caae7547ef2a66fc3a393746ba4bb9a91e303fcb3ceefb98");

Customer aNewCustomer = new Customer(); // set the customer id or externalId Map<String, String> customerAttributes = apiFacade.requestCustomerAttributes(customer);

//or String customerId = Map<String, String> customerAttributes = apiFacade.requestCustomerAttributes(customerId);

var ic = new InvisibleCollector("56a73507b66cd761caae7547ef2a66fc3a393746ba4bb9a91e303fcb3ceefb98"); string customerId = … ; IDictionary<string, string> customerAttributes = await ic.GetCustomerAttributesAsync(customerId);

var channel = make(chan ic.AttributesPair) go iC.GetCustomerAttributes(channel, aCustomerModel.Id()) p := <-channel


This request returns the following JSON response:

  "name_1": "attribute_1",
  "name_2": "attribute_2"




This endpoint may return the following errors

HTTP Code Description
401 Unauthorized Invalid credentials were supplied
404 Not found The user doesn’t have any customer registered with that specific id.