GET /v1/alarms/:id

Fetches an alarm with the specified id. This id is the one returned by InvisibleCollector when creating an alarm.

This request is idempotent.

curl -XGET \
  --header "Content-Type: application/json" \
  --header "Authorization: Bearer 4b1e8df2ff50110ca86e28f2b499facbd78310c9cda0125543ad80ac70cc28d1" \
require 'invisible_collector'

client = '4a415cc660e67d8f4d26d5a7f390183a86fc3a4524ded78dc2448e86c48b2739')
alarm = client.alarm.get(id)

This request will return, for example, the following JSON response:

  "gid": "1fb0c683-bedc-45be-a88a-ff76da7bf650",
  "status": "OPEN",
  "createdAt": "2018-05-02",
  "updatedAt": "2018-05-04",
  "events": [
      "origin": "[email protected]",
      "destination": "[email protected]",
      "gid": "11234567-bedc-45be-a88a-ff76da7bf650",
      "messageType": "EMAIL",
      "message": "hello email body"



Response body


Attribute Type Description
id string An unique identifier of this alarm
status string The current status of this alarm
createdAt date The date this alarm was created in ISO 8601 format
updatedAt date The last update made to this alarm in ISO 8601 format
events array A list of events associated with this alarm


This endpoint may return the following errors:

HTTP Code Description
401 Unauthorized Invalid credentials were supplied
404 Not Found The alarm was not found.